About myUHN Patient Portal (2024)

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About myUHN Patient Portal (4)


University Health Network>>myUHN Patient Portal


What is myUHN

myUHN is a secure website or app for patients of University Health Network (UHN). myUHN lets you safely see your appointments and results from all UHN sites as soon as they are ready. With myUHN, you can access your personal health record anywhere, anytime on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

What will I see in myUHN?

With myUHN, you can:

  • Manage appointments and update your information.
  • Access your UHN health record and Ontario lab results. This includes lab results from over 150 hospitals, community and public health labs stored in the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS).
  • Have greater interaction with your care team.
  • Confirm and update your demographic details such as address, health card number and emergency contact.
  • Update your health information, such as allergies and medications.
  • Check-in and complete questionnaires before your appointment.
  • Send messages directly to select clinics and myUHN Support.

Learn more about the types of personal health information you can see in myUHN.

About myUHN Patient Portal (6)

Register for myUHN

There are three ways to register for myUHN.

How to register

About myUHN Patient Portal (7)

Frequently asked questions

Please read our FAQ if you have any questions, before contacting support.

Common questions answered

About myUHN Patient Portal (8)

Security & privacy

At UHN, we take protecting your information and privacy very seriously. Keeping your online information safe starts the moment you sign up for a myUHN account.

Keep your information safe

About myUHN Patient Portal (9)

Program resources

Your care team may enroll you in a personalized care plan.

Ajmera Transplant PatientsGyne Oncology Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)Princess Margaret Patients

Contact us

Questions about sign-in, registration, registration codes or using myUHN? We're available Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Phone: 416 340 3777

For questions about appointment scheduling, test results, reports, discharge summaries and clinic notes, please contact your UHN health care provider.

What patients are saying about myUHN

This is an excellent service, and I particularly appreciate having access to results and reports without delay. It is useful for me as well as for doctors that I see outside UHN.

I am very happy to be able to view my results online. It has helped me make informed decisions about my care and helped me better understand my health.

It's been a great service. Very helpful for managing my appointments and reviewing what the doctor has told me.

I can't say enough positive things about this service… I am a person who wants to know and understand what is happening to me. It does not stress me out to know information. It stresses me out to not know.


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About myUHN Patient Portal (2024)


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